Meet Your Mentors

The leaders of our team, The Compassionate Oil Leaders, have set the intention to create a culture of deeply committed, fun loving mentorship where you know we always have your back. What we offer YOU is that level of commitment, support and cheerleading so YOU can create what YOU want. We celebrate our uniqueness as individuals and create a connected loving compassionate community of oilers supporting each other. We are excited to support you more and in depth on this journey through this brand new program; Build To Elite: Teach & Repeat.

Karen Hudson

Karen headshotKaren Hudson, Platinum, is a single mommaprenuer, author, speaker and fiercely passionate mentor to her team of over 2400. Karen and her boy were diagnosed with PTSD after getting out of a very abusive situation. On their road to recovery Karen discovered the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and became committed to healing her family through nutrition and natural whole food based products. It was on this journey that she discovered a new higher quality of essential oils. Through using essential oils and natural products Karen has detoxed her home, her life and is working on the healing journey with her boy to a happy balanced state both physically and emotionally. Karen has a long history of being in the natural health industry. She owns and runs a women’s natural healthcare clinic in Portland, OR with her sister, Dr. Tori Hudson, called A Woman’s Time. She is a counselor, Certified Life Coach, Certified in Family Constellations Systems, worked on her masters in Human System Theory and hold three prestigious certifications in NLP. Karen is also trained in the methods of Dr. Phil McGraw and has been a Senior Learning Strategist with the TV show since its inception. Her work with the FearLess Living Institute & Rhonda Britten have been cornerstones to her discovering her voice and passion of helping others Stop The War Within TM and begin their journey busting through fear, internal walls and anything that keeps them stuck whether that is emotional, physical or financial. One of Karen’s gifts to her team and whoever she mentors is to have everyone she connects with feel Seen, Heard & Valued. Karen’s leading mentoring style is one of compassion and “getting real”. She helps her team and leaders dig deep into their “why” and pursue THEIR dreams and help to create the life they crave. Karen believes strongly that this is a personal development, relationship focused business wrapped up with oils and that to neglect either would sacrifice true success in the business and in life. Karen has the ability to listen in between the lines and hear and see what isn’t said. Through that gift she helps her team connect to themselves and each other. Creating community is one of the things Karen is VERY passionate about and strives to keep a level of support always present regardless how big the team grows.

Ashlie Pappas

Pic2Ashlie Pappas, Gold, thought that she was healthy and in the prime of her life, working as a personal trainer, weight loss counselor, and yoga instructor until reality hit her hard in 2012. After regaining her livelihood through sobriety and losing over 100 pounds, she found herself sicker than ever with her autonomic nervous system shutting down. While bouncing from specialist to specialist searching for a diagnosis, she found out first hand just how flawed our health care system is. She experimented with different methods of clean eating and found essential oils. By the time she was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia, Dysautonomia, and Ehler-Danlos Syndrome, she already was on her way of managing it naturally. A year later, disability is a thought of the past. Her own experience made it very apparent that her path in life was still in health and wellness; in teaching others on how they can become empowered in their own healthcare, their wellness, and in showing people how they can thrive both physiologically and financially. Ashlie is happily married with two children, a 7 year old, Aiden, and an 11 year old, Sykora. She has been in the health and wellness industry for over a decade as a nutrition counselor, weight loss specialist, personal trainer, yoga instructor, holistic health coach, small business owner, and is currently in school for aromatherapy. She has worked with many others in the wellness industry and finds deep fulfillment in the victories and successes of those around her.

Sheryl Bradley

Sheryl BradleySheryl, Silver, discovered essential oils while exploring options to add to her holistic health coaching practice. Little did she know that this would lead to a passion for using and sharing essential oils, and that they would become her primary focus. In less than two years, she has built a thriving team of Wellness Advocates who are now building their own successful businesses. Along with essential oils, mentoring and personal development are where her enthusiasm lies. She loves nothing more than to see her team members realize their own dreams.




AnaLisa Rutstein

AnaLisa RutsteinEver since AnaLisa, Silver, was a child intuition and grace have guided her life. She has always sensed the magic and mystery that is alive in this world, and been blessed with feeling a living connection to the divine. As long as she can remember she has felt a call to offer service and healing. And this call has guided many of her life choices and areas of study and experience including her choice to use essential oils and build a business by sharing the oils and the opportunity. As a mentor her focus is on empowering her team physically emotionally, spiritually and financially. She received an MA in Clinical Psychology and is a certified practitioner in the Hakomi Body-Centered Method of personal growth and transformation.



“Authenticity is energizing, economical, and efficient. The better you know yourself, the clearer your choices…Authenticity is not dependent on funding. On a budget or on easy street, you owe it to yourself to find a way to be genuinely you.”  – Daniele Laporte & Carrie McCarthy