Welcome to Build To Elite: Teach & Repeat

Build To Elite: Teach & Repeat will run two to three times a year as an entire team.  Please apply if you are interested in doing it with the entire team.   We have now created a Build To Elite: Builder’s Program.   Please apply and your application will be reviewed with 48 hours.

Our mission is to support YOU to build your business in a very sustainable duplicatable way.   We want to teach you skills, tools & mindsets that are proven effective and lasting.

We know that the Elite rank is the cornerstone of the compensation plan and believe that once you master these tools and skills for yourself and then teach and duplicate with your team you can achieve any rank you desire.

We honor that you want to make money while pursuing your passion of natural products and essential oils.   We also want to make sure you are supported, mentored and not have to wait like some of us did and or make some of the same mistakes we did in the beginning of our businesses.

Get ready to ROCK AND ROLL

Karen Hudson & YOUR Team of Compassionate KickA$$ Mentors